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Issue 183, 21stJanuary2000:

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Apache 1.3.11 Released

Apache 1.3.11 was released on 21st January 2000 and is now the latest version of the Apache server. The previous release was 1.3.9, released on the 20th August 1999, See what was new in Apache 1.3.9. Apache 1.3.10 was never released.

Apache 1.3.11 is available in source form for compiling on Unix or Windows, for download from any Apache local download site.

This is a bug fix and minor upgrade release, with a few new features. Users on Unix systems should upgrade if they have noticed bugs or would like to use any of the new features. Users on Windows systems, especially Windows 95, will find a number of useful fixes and improvements and should definitely upgrade.

Due to a security issue any sites making use of the mass virtual hosting module mod_vhost_alias should upgrade to Apache 1.3.11 as soon as possible.

New features

The main new features in 1.3.11 (compared to 1.3.9) are:

  • The HTML page displayed by default when Apache is installed has been translated into a selection of other languages including Danish, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portugese, Luxembourgeois, Spanish and Swedish. More Details.
  • New logging variables have been added to give more control over custom log files. %m now logs the request method used (such as "GET" or "POST") and %H logs the request protocol (such as "HTTP/1.1"). %q logs the information passed in the query string.
  • The demonstration script printenv, used to display all environment variables passed to a CGI program, has been updated.
  • Support for Berkeley-DB/3 has been added to the mod_auth_db module.
  • The IndexOptions directive used to control FancyIndexed directory listings has two new options. The first, FoldersFirst causes subdirectories to always appear before other files. The second, DescriptionWidth, allows the default width given for file descriptions to be changed.
  • Script handling through mod_actions has been updated so that it can deal with arbitrary methods and not just the well-known ones.
  • A new directive, AddCharset has been added. This directive is useful when content negotation is being used as the server can return a document based on the charset preference of the client.
  • Obtaining a list of compiled-in modules using the -l flag now includes the status of suexec.
  • The directory indexing module, mod_autoindex has been updated so that the automatic header and readme files can be server parsed and correctly use the standard include variables.
  • A file layout for the BSDI and SuSE distributions of Apache has been added.
  • The Windows 95 port of Apache has been updated to allow it to run as a service, use the standard flags for installing and uninstalling and to shut down cleanly when the system is shut down or Ctrl-C is pressed.
  • The HP MPE/iX port of Apache has been updated and includes DSO support for the first time.
  • The AIX port of Apache now has native DSO support on AIX 4.3 and later and should now compile with mod_perl cleanly.
  • Apache has been ported to Novell's NetWare 5 Network Operating System. More Details.
  • Apache has been ported to run on Unix System Services on the IBM OS/390 platform. Apache's EBCDIC support has also been revised, fixing problems in chunked encoding, the regular expression testing of character ranges, URL encodings, byte ranges failing (affecting Adobe Acrobat). More Details.
For a list of bugs fixed since the last release see Apache Week issues 171, 172, 174, 175, 176, 177, 179, 180, 181, and 182.

ApacheCon 2000 status

If during March you find yourself in swealtering heat surrounded by people with comedy ears, you've not stumbled into Disney World but Florida's other glamorous attraction; ApacheCon 2000.

This is the second official ApacheCon conference, and Apache Week are proud to be sponsors. As well as lots of goodies and people to talk to, the conference will be trying for the record of getting as many Apache developers in one place at once as possible. The current record stands at 14 during ApacheCon 98; here is the proof [jpg,53k].

The conference runs from March 8th to 10th 2000, on-line registration is currently available. By registering for the conference early a discount of US$225 off the full conference price is available.

Apache Week at LinuxWorld

Apache Week will be exhibiting at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in New York in February. You'll be able to find Apache Week's current editor and ASF member, Mark Cox, on the O'Reilly network stand, and he'll be on-hand to talk about all things Apache. The conference runs from February 1st to 4th 2000, and more details are available at www.linuxworldexpo.com.

Apache JServ 1.1 released

A new version of Apache JServ was released this week. Apache JServ is a 100% pure Java servlet engine fully compliant with the JavaSoft Java Servlet APIs 2.0 specification. The new release has been designed to be extremely stable, easier to install, and for improved performance.