Apache Week

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About Apache Week

Our Mission

Our aim was to become an essential resource for anyone running an Apache server, or anyone responsible for running Apache-based services. Apache Week started in February 1996 and ran until October 2004.

What was in Apache Week?

Each week we included a range of stories. We had regular updates on the current status of Apache, lists of new or suspects bugs, and details of what is 'under development' for the next release.

We also reported on other news related to Apache, such as the release of new modules, and links to how Apache was reported in the press.

Longer articles on specific subjects appeared regularily. These features ranged from general articles about servers and web technology through to detailed technical articles about 'how to' use Apache's advanced features.

Our Relationship with the Official Apache Group

Apache is developed by a small group of people, with a lot of input from users and other developers. We consider Apache Week to be another form of user-input to the apache project. If Apache Week encourages more users of Apache and makes the jobs of existing Apache users easier, it will have served its purpose.