Apache Week

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Apache Week

Apache Week was an essential resource for anyone running an Apache server. Apache Week started in February 1996 and ran until October 2004 with weekly updates and articles.

Although we've stopped publishing new issues, the back issues and features are still of use to Apache administrators

Apache Week Features

Security levels
A quick summary of security levels that Apache Week apply to Apache web server vulnerabilities
Practical mod_perl
mod_perl embeds the Perl programming language in the Apache web server, giving rise to a fast and powerful web programming environment. "Practical mod_perl" aims to be the definitive book on how to use, optimise and troubleshoot mod_perl.
Vendor patches to Apache 1.3
We take a peek inside ten popular vendor distributions of Apache 1.3 to find out what has been added

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Apache 2 Release

Apache 2: General Availability
Apache 2 was released for General Availability on the 6th April 2002
Apache 2: Brief History
Plans for Apache 2.0 were discussed back in the summer of 1996. We look at the significant events in the history of Apache 2
Apache 2: Release History
The first Alpha release of Apache 2.0 was released in March 2000, with the first beta just over a year later
Apache 2: In the news
We highlight some of the news stories from around the web that mentioned Apache 2
Apache 2: Featured Articles
We highlight some of the articles on the web that are of interest to Apache 2 users

Back Issues

Issue 348: 2.0.51 Released
Issue 347: 2.0.50 released
Issue 346: mod_proxy security flaw
Issue 345: Apache httpd 1.3.31 released
Issue 344: Apache 2.0.49 released
Issue 343: Security round-up
Issue 342: Happy Birthday to us
Issue 341: Planet Apache debut
Issue 340: Apache New Year
Issue 339: 2003 Review
Issue 338: ApacheCon Blog Trekkin'
Issue 337: Apache httpd 2.0.48 and 1.3.29 released
Issue 336: Roll the dice, ApacheCon is coming
Issue 335: All the domains are belong to Apache
Issue 334: A month off for Apache Week authors
Issue 333: Apache gains highest ever percentage share in Netcraft survey
Issue 332: Apache 1.3.28 released
Issue 331: Apache 2.0.47 released
Issue 330: Thinking of 1.3.28; Fake exploits
Issue 329: Apache 2.0.46 released
Issue 328: More about Apache modifications
Issue 327: Upcoming Apache related conferences
Issue 326: Linux core dumps

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