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Issue 175, 15thOctober1999:

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Apache Status

Apache Site: www.apache.org
Release: 1.3.9 (Released 20th August 1999) (local download sites)
Beta: None

Apache 1.3.9 is the current stable release. Users of Apache 1.3.6 and earlier on Unix systems should upgrade to this version. Users of Apache on Windows can now upgrade to Apache 1.3.9 avoiding the previous problems with Apache 1.3.6. Read the Guide to 1.3.9 for information about changes between 1.3.6 and 1.3.9.

Most bugs listed below include a link to the entry in the Apache bug database where the problem is being tracked. These entries are called "PR"s (Problem Reports). Some bugs do not correspond to problem reports if they are found by developers.

Bugs in 1.3.9

These bugs have been found in 1.3.9 and will be fixed in the next release. Because of the major differences between Windows and Unix, these are separated into bugs which affect Windows systems only, and other bugs (which may affect Windows as well). Unix users can ignore the bugs listed in the Windows section.

Windows-specific Bugs

  • The information module, mod_info does not build due to missing exports. PR#1442
  • Apache on Windows 95 does not shut down when the system is shut down, and would not shut down cleanly at other times. PR#1643, PR#2472, PR#2472
  • Apache on Windows 95 did not use the standard -i and -u methods for installing and uninstalling.
  • Apache on Windows 95 was not able to run as a service. PR#2208
  • Pressing Ctrl-C in the Apache console window would cause an abrupt stop without cleaning up

Other Bugs

  • A problem in the proxy module causes configuration settings set in virtual hosts to override the global configuration.
  • The default value for the ProxyReceiveBufferSize directive is left unset which can cause sporadic problems with the proxy module.
  • Shared memory routines are different between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of HP-UX 11.0 causing problems for users of the 32-bit operating system.

Under Development

Patches for bugs in Apache 1.3.9 will be made available in the apply_to_1.3.9 subdirectory of the patches directory on the Apache site. Some new features and other unofficial patches are available in the 1.3 patches directory. For details of all previously reported bugs, see the Apache bug database and known bugs pages. Many common configuration questions are answered in the Apache FAQ.

Apache port to NetWare 5

Patches have been sumbitted to allow Apache to work on Novell's Network Operating System, NetWare 5. Internally, NetWare is similar to the standard Windows port of Apache; using threads instead of processes, and the Winsock API.

ApacheCon 2000

The first ever Apache conference was held in October 1998 in San Francisco. ApacheCon '98 was very successful with around 500 people attending over 50 talks and presentations.

The next Apache conference, ApacheCon 2000, has been arranged for Orlando in Florida on March 8th-10th 2000. Apache Week is proud to be an official sponsor of ApacheCon 2000 and will keep you updated on conference news between now and March.

The technical program is already starting to take shape and will include four tracks and over 40 sessions. Topics to be covered include:

  • Securing Apache on Windows
  • Securing Apache on Unix
  • Security and eCommerce
  • Java
  • Performance
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • XML
ApacheCon 2000 aims to attract over 1,000 Apache users and supporters including:
  • Open source software developers
  • Apache software developers
  • Web site administrators
  • Technical managers responsible for running Web sites

Call For Papers

There is still time to sign up to present a session at ApacheCon 2000. Sessions range from 90 minutes through to 3 hours and can cover technical or business issues.

If you would like to be a speaker at the ApacheCon 2000 event, please go to the ApacheCon site and complete the session submission form before Friday 22nd October 1999.