Apache Week
Issue 152, 5thMarch1999:

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Apache Status

Apache Site: www.apache.org
Release: 1.3.4 (Released 11th January 1999) (local download sites)
Beta: None

Apache 1.3.4 is the current stable release. Users of Apache 1.3.3 and earlier should look at upgrading to this version. Read the Guide to 1.3.4 for information about changes between 1.3.3 and 1.3.4 and between 1.2 and 1.3.4.

Because of the major differences between Windows and Unix, these are separated into bugs which affect Windows systems only, and other bugs (which may affect Windows as well). Unix users can ignore the bugs listed in the Windows section.

Windows-specific Bugs

  • In some circumstances the configuration files in the conf directory are not installed. This can occur if the computer needs to be rebooted because a system DLL file was updated. For now a work-around is to re-install Apache again after the reboot, since the DLL will not need to be installed again. PR#3988.

Under Development

Patches for bugs in Apache 1.3.4 will be made available in the apply_to_1.3.4 subdirectory of the patches directory on the Apache site. Some new features and other unofficial patches are available in the 1.3 patches directory. For details of all previously reported bugs, see the Apache bug database and known bugs pages. Many common configuration questions are answered in the Apache FAQ.

Additions to log formats

The next version of Apache will have two new features available for custom log formats. The first will be that \t and \n can be used to insert a tab or newline into the log format. The second is that %V will log the name of the virtual host according to the setting of UseCanonicalName, which may be useful for mass virtual hosting. This makes %V work the same way that %v worked before it was fixed in Apache 1.3.4.