Apache Week
Issue 54, 28thFebruary1997:

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The seventh beta test release of Apache was made available on Saturday 22nd February. Like previous beta releases this one fixes a variety of bugs, many of which are minor or specific to particular operating systems. This version also sees a number of performance enhancements designed to make networks transfers, SSIs and overall operation faster. Anyone running any previous version of Apache 1.2 beta should upgraade.

The current plan is that after 1.2 is finally fully released the internal Apache code is considerably rewritten to form a major new version, 2.0. This will include support for multithreading, filters and OS abstractions which allow for versions of Apache on Windows NT and other systems. The development of 2.0 is likely to take some time and since 1.2 will be the current version until 2.0 is available, this long period of beta testing now is designed to ensure that Apache 1.2 is a stable, secure and high-performance server.

Depending on future circumstances there may be additional releases of the 1.2 code, such as 1.2.1 or 1.3. There may also be a version of 1.2 ported to Windows operating systems, depending on developer interest.

The current plans are for one or possible two more beta releases before a final 1.2 release. This could happen during March.

Apache Status

Release: 1.1.3 (Released 14th January 1997)
Beta: 1.2b7 (Released 22nd February 1997)

Bugs reported in 1.2b7:
  • Apache is too restrictive about checking that URLs are valid. It has been updated to the definition in HTTP/1.1 (RFC2068)
  • If ErrorDocuments are defined in multiple virtual hosts only the first one defined is used
  • Possible occasional core dumps when executing scripts (CGI and SSI)
  • If client sends a HTTP request line that is too long Apache closes the connection
  • If filenames in a directory listing include non-ASCII characters the links to those files do not work

Bugs fixed in next release:

  • suexec fix when initialising groups (bug seen on SunOS but may affect other systems)
  • OS specific updates for MPE/iX, MachTen, FreeBSD (support directory); support added for UXP/DS(V20)

Patches to fix some Apache 1.2b6 bugs are available in the 1.2b6 patches directory on the Apache site.

Apache is currently in a 'beta release' cycle. This is where it is made available prior to full release for testing by anyone interested. Normally during the beta cycle no new major features will be added. The full release of Apache 1.2 is expected in March.

Last week we reported that the Lycos indexer cannot index HTTP/1.1 sites such as those running Apache 1.2. It now appears that infact it can index these sites. However the indexer which is used when the "add a new site" form is filled does not yet understand HTTP/1.1 responses.

The Red Herring Direct, which covers technology business news, calls Apache the Sleeper Server because it has quietly beaten the big-spending industry giants Netscape and Microsoft.