Apache Week
Issue 41, 15thNovember1996:

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Apache Status

Release: 1.1.1
Beta: None

Bugs fixed in next release:
  • In SSI's, dates formatted with DATE_GMT are incorrect shown with the local timezone
  • Virtuals hosts defined by IP number do not work on 64 bit machines

Apache Still Ahead

The November Netcraft Server Survey still shows Apache gaining server share. It is now at just over 40%, well ahead of Netscape (14%) and NCSA (13%). Both Netscape and Microsoft have decreased market share this month by a small amount.

Apache is being prepared for a public beta release. While there is currently no date set for the release, the development work has slowed down to allow the internal testing of a stable version.

The following items are under development and may be included in the next release of Apache. See our Apache 1.2 Sneak Preview for other new features in the next release.

Better directive help messages

When Apache finds a syntax error in a configuration directive it prints out (or puts into the error log) a short description of the arguments. In many directives this text has been fairly minimal. The next release of Apache will have much better directive help messages. This is particularly important since in 1.2 you will be able to get a complete list of directives and their help messages from the command line, by running httpd -h.

New CGI Environment Variable

The environment variable REMOTE_PORT is now available to CGI scripts containing the port of the connection on the remote machine. This will allow CGI programs to do their own RFC1413 ident lookups.

Easier Compiling of Support Programs

Apache comes with several support programs in the 'support' directory. Some of these are C programs, and are made with a Makefile in this directory. However this Makefile does not use any of the options set when the main Apache server is configured, such as the compiler or the operating system. This means that the Makefile has to be hand-configured. Apache 1.2 will probably be updated so that the configuration information only needs to be given once (and in 1.2, almost all configuration information is obtained automatically).

Apache in the News