Apache Week
Issue 6, 15thMarch1996:

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In this issue


Version 1.0.3 is the current public release. A bug in the cookies module has been fixed and will be incorporated into the next public release. The next version will be 1.1, initially as a beta release (1.1b1).

Apache Module Registry

If you want to see what modules are available for Apache, check out the the Apache Module Registry. It lists both standard and third-party modules written to take advantage of Apache's powerful 'module' API.

Coming in version 1.1

Proxy module
The proxy module is still being developed.

Cookies Fix
When apache is using cookies (the cookies module), it can now work with other cookies on the same site.

Secure Access Authentication
A new module will allow access by the Digest Access Authentication method. This uses MD5 encryption to ensure that the password is not sent in the clear over the network. The Digest Access Authentication method is the subject of an IETF Internet Draft.

Statistics Module
A statistics module is under development. The current version shows the current state of the Apache server processes, and there is a graphing program to display statistics over a period of time.