Apache Week
Issue 241, 6thApril2001:

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A two day hackathon for the Apache developers took place on Monday and Tuesday at the Apple campus. The hackathon was well attended with over 40 developers making use of the time to discuss Apache 2.0 topics including filtering, the proxy module, libtool, SSL, and the upcoming beta release.

The first beta of Apache, version 2.0.16, was released after work at the Hackathon, just over a year since the first alpha was released. In a press release issued by the ASF, Jim Jagieslki said "With the release of the first beta of Apache 2.0, not only are we giving the open source software community access to a 'real' look at 2.0, but module developers gain the ability to start porting the modules to 2.0."

Apache 2.0.16 is available from the Apache download site

Apache 2 information section

Now that Apache 2 is beta, Apache Week has launched a section of our site dedicated to Apache 2.0 and the history behind the release. The Apache group started discussing Apache 2.0 features as far back as the summer of 1996 and some of these initial plans did actually find their way into the current beta.

Visit the Apache 2 information section for a summary of the Apache 2.0 releases as well as news and features about installing and running this latest version of Apache.

ASF members meeting

A meeting of the Apache Software Foundation members took place on Tuesday morning at the Hakathon prior to the conference. 31 of the total 56 ASF members attended the meeting. Various board members gave a verbal account of the state of the foundation and each of the project committees also gave a short report.

Brian Behlendorf gave some interesting statistics about the Apache web sites. The apache.org sites get around 2 million hits a day which at peak time uses 15Mbits/s of bandwidth. There are over 300 individuals with commit access to the various Apache projects. Randy Terbush announced that the ASF had over US$118,000 in funds, part of the revenue coming from the conferences, and the remainder from donations.

Various informal discussions took place including looking at how many conferences are run each year and if it would make sense to attempt only one general conference, and one developer hackathon.

A secret ballot was held to elect the new board of directors of the ASF as well as to elect a number of new ASF members. All the previous directors were re-elected apart from Rasmus Lerdorf and Doug MacEachern, who were replaced by Greg Stein and Bill Stoddard. The new board comprises of Brian Behlendorf, Ken Coar, Roy T. Fielding, Dirk-Willem van Gulik, Jim Jagielski, Ben Laurie, Greg Stein, Bill Stoddard, and Randy Terbush.

ApacheCon 2001

ApacheCon 2001 took place in Santa Clara this week, with several hundred attending the conference. Apache Week will have a full report in the next issue. Find out who said "If you really think that you can run a secure web server on Windows you've not understood security", which company thinks it has the "Open Source Zeal", and what they served for breakfast.