Apache Week
Issue 207, 14thJuly2000:

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In this issue

Poised to be the largest gathering of Apache Users in Europe to date, ApacheCon 2000 is being held in in London, England in October. Registration at the ApacheCon web site is now available, and if you don't want to attend the full conference you can pre-register just for the exhibition for free.

ApacheCon Europe 2000 is the only Apache Conference and Expo being presented in Europe in 2000 and the only event to be fully supported by the Apache Software Foundation. ASF members have put together a technical program comprised of over 60 sessions, although this time all are technical in nature. The faculty is comprised of leading Apache gurus and industry experts. ApacheCon Europe 2000 will be a mix of educational training, an interactive exhibit floor and social events.

The technical program is already starting to take shape and the topics include

  • Apache Projects Overview
  • Apache 2.0
  • Developing Dynamic Web Sites with Java Server Pages
  • Migration from Netscape Servers to Apache
  • XML and Database Integration
  • Using Apache Jetspeed to Build Dynamic, Content Driven Portals
  • Apache in the Real World - Beating the In-house Bias
  • Using Apache Alexandria for Creative Open Source/Java Code
  • Introduction to Apache Server
  • Comanche, a GUI Configuration Tool for Apache
  • AxKit - an XML Delivery Toolkit for Apache
  • Introduction to PHP
  • Security Solutions with SSL
  • Extending PHP 4
  • Advanced PHP: Web Applications - Sessions and Authentication
  • High Scalability for SSL and Apache
  • The Backhand Project: Load-Balancing and Monitoring Apache
  • mod_snake: Flexible Apache Modules in Python
  • Configuring Apache and mod_perl Applications
  • Advanced Tomcat Configuration and Performance Tuning
  • Improving Scripts and Handlers Performance Under mod_perl
  • Turbine: Building Model 2+1 Web Applications
  • C++ and Apache using C++ Server
  • Managing your Web site with Cocoon
  • mod_websh: A Tcl-based Apache module for Rapid Application Development
  • Java and XML Parsing Using Standard APIs
  • Transparent Content Negotiation

Unlike ApacheCon 2000 in Orlando earlier in the year you won't need to go hungry as breakfast and lunch are included with full registrations. But you'll need to bring your own umbrella and and warm clothing.

Featured articles

Edd Dumbill, editor of XML.com, writes about the "Dynamics of the Apache Group" in his Weblog. The focus of the article is on news that the Apache XML project could create another parser and looks at the the internal dynamics of the group members and some of the conflicts.

Apache Week in the news

Apache Week has been selected as one of the Top 100 Linux Web sites in the June issue of Linux Magazine. The article is not currently available online, but will be found at their site at the end of the summer.