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First published: 10tháMarchá2000

Appaloosa Awards

New to the conference this year were the Appaloosa Awards, designed to reward the people and projects who have had a significant influence on Apache. The voting was open to Apache Week readers for one week and we received just under 3000 votes in total. The awards were announced on Tuesday evening at the conference by ASF member and Apache program co-chair Chuck Murcko.

[Photo, Chuck Murcko, jpeg 33k]

The Vision Award was for the best ideas to move Apache forward and was won by Ryan Bloom for Apache 2.0 and Roy Fielding for standards and industry acceptance of Apache.

[Photo, Ryan Bloom, jpeg 29k]
[Photo, Roy Fielding, jpeg 30k]

The Evangelism Award was for promoting Apache awareness or acceptance was won by Lars Eilebrecht, and collected by Dirk-Willem Van Guilik for the Apache XML Projects.

[Photo, Dirk-Willem Van Guilik, jpeg 30k]

The Technical Contribution Award went to Doug McEachern for mod_perl and Rasmus Lerdorf collected on behalf of the PHP Group.

[Photo, Doug McEachern, jpeg 47k]
[Photo, Rasmus Lerdorf, Sam Ruby, Jim Winstead, jpeg 53k]

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