April Fool!

All of us here at Apache Week hope you had a good April Fool's day. Thanks to everyone who emailed us asking to help, telling us that we must be running an emulator since the site was too fast, and all the press (some of which got the joke, others that didn't). Thanks also to our friends at Netcraft who played along with us which added some authenticity.

The tell-tale signs of the hoax were: the last modified date on this page (in European format), the directory storing the images (avrilfish), the fact that the server didn't respond like Apache should to bad requests (it deliberately isn't even running Apache), the fact that this domain is registered to C2Net creators of Apache Week, and that Netcraft reported yahoo.com as also running ApachePDA on PalmOS.

The "Apache Week Big Wet April Fish Spoilsport" award goes to The Register for the serious story about the uses ApachePDA could have, which was changed in a sudden save-face about turn when they realised the joke was on them. See the before and after screenshots.

Mark Cox, James Coates.

(PS: Yes, we know there are *really* web servers for PalmOS, and given enough memory and resources you could run Apache on a Palm, and that by hooking one up to your Iridium phone you could serve pages from your pocket wherever you are on the planet.)

Welcome to ApachePDA

Welcome to the ApachePDA open-source project from Apache Services Ltd. The page you are currently viewing has been served by Apache/1/3.12 (PalmOS), the PalmOS web server.

ApachePDA is still in early alpha testing, but we hope to make a beta version available on PalmGear very shortly.

We need your help! If you are a Palm developer or an Apache developer, we need to hear from you. Currently, we need people to help with:
Last modified: 01/04/2000